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Golf Tournament Schedules - from!

One of the things I am always looking for is a list of the golf tournaments that are in progress or that will happen in the future.  So I decided to put together this page so I (and you) could find them in one place. 

Every once in a great while, I will have some time off from my regular job and will get a chance to attend an actual tournament.  You may be surprised how affordable it is to attend a tournament, especially if it is in your local area.  Prices range from about $10 to $25 per day (during the week) for a "general admission" ticket to the grounds.  Prices vary depending on the tour (PGA, LPGA, etc.) and are usually higher for the last day or two (and weekends). 

Once you have your ticket, you can walk around the course and watch "the pros" do their thing.  You may even be lucky enough to be hit by a golf ball (just kidding).  Make sure you are prepared for your day at the course.  Bring along some snacks and a bottle of water to drink.  Also, bring along some cash (or credit card) for those golf souvenirs from the tournament. 

Of course tickets are usually more expensive for the "Major Golf Tournaments" and can be sold out months before the event.  If this is the kind of tournament you want to attend, be sure to get your tickets early!  I will try to include links to sites where you can purchase tickets in advance.


 Golf Tournament Schedules for 2005
Here are some links to the current golf tournament schedules for this year.

Combined Schedules (PGA Tour, Champion's Tour, & LPGA Tour)
PGA Tour Schedule
Champion's Tour Schedule
LPGA Tour Schedule
Nationwide Tour Schedule
Canadian Tour Schedule
European Tour Schedule

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