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SkyCaddie™ by Sky Golf

SkyCaddie™ is one of the best golf gifts I have ever seen. Check out the benefits:

Play Better Golf

By giving you more accurate distance measurements to the target (the fairway, green, etc.), you will be able to choose the right club every time.  There is no more "guessing" to find out how far you are from the green. Regardless of if you are in the fairway, the rough, or even an adjacent fairway (does that happen to you too), you simply look at the screen to find the yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green (or other target).*

Play in Less Time

Because you will spend less time trying to find the yardage from a marker or sprinkler head (which may be miss-marked anyway), you will get your round completed in less time.  You may even find that you are catching up with the group ahead of you instead of the group behind "pushing you" around the course.

Measure Your Shots

How many times have you had a round where you are hitting the ball longer (or shorter) then you normally do?  This could result in missing your target by going over (or short of) the green.  When this starts to happen, use the SkyCaddie to measure each of your shots.  Just press a button where you hit the shot and then again where the ball lands.  Just keep track of how far each club is going on that day and you can pick the right club on the following shots.**  If you do this on a regular basis, you will have a "history" of how far each club will hit the ball when you are swinging it properly.

Avoid "unseen" obstacles

Have you ever hit a "perfect shot" that ended up in a bunker or creek near the green that could not be seen from where you hit the ball?  This can be a thing of the past when you have the course information loaded into the SkyCaddie before you begin play.  You will get a bird's eye view of the course so that you can see all the obstacles  (up to 40 per hole) before you hit your shot.

Focus on Your Game

Since the operation of this unit is fully automatic, you will be able to focus on your game.  Just look at the screen and all the information is at your fingertips.  Take a couple of practice swings and you are ready to go.  You will have the confidence of knowing the correct distance to your target and will make a more consistent swing.

Portable and Simple to Use

The SkyCaddie is lightweight (less then 5 ounces) and simple to use.  For basic operation, just turn it on and it does the rest.  Even more advanced functions are just a couple of buttons away.

Use it on Any Course

You can use the built in functions of this unit to record the front, middle, and back of the greens on the courses you play.  Even more details can be seen by downloading one of the thousands of courses available from the SkyGolf website.

Order your SkyCaddie today to start playing better golf and having more fun!
 Sky Caddie - from SkyGolf
iconSky Caddy  

* Course information must be loaded into the SkyCaddie
** SkyCaddie does not "record" your shot distance - you will have to keep track

Caddy = Caddie (it can be spelled either way)

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