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Logo Overrun Golf Balls - Brand name golf balls at Discount Prices.

"Logo Overruns" are usually brand new golf balls with some kind of company logo printed in them. The "overrun" portion of the name is because either "extra" balls were printed or there may be some type of minor printing flaw (which may not be noticed to the untrained eye).

The benefit to you is that these logo overrun golf balls are top quality at a discount price.  We have listed just a few of the deals below from the major online golf stores. A quailty golf ball is the one piece of Golf Equipment that you cannot do without.  Save yourself some money - click on the logo overrun golf ball deals below.
 Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Pinnacle Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Pinnacle Logo Overrun Golf Balls
12 balls for less than $0.75 each!
Pinnacle Power Core golf balls. High energy core, low spin, Surlyn cover. Provides long and straight distance plus durability.

Wilson Ultra Distance Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Ultra Distance Logo Overruns
1 dozen at less than $0.60 per ball!
Ultra golf balls at great prices. The "Ultra Distance" is for the golfer that is looking for pure distance. 

Titlest Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Titlest Logo Overrun Golf Balls
The performance of these Titleist balls is the same as the regular Titleist golf balls. Choose from the following: DT SoLo, NXT, NXT Tour, DT Distance and HVC L balls.  12 packs


Slazenger Black Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Slazenger Raw Distance Black Logo Overruns
Soft feel at impact (90 compression), titanium enhanced core for explosive distance. Dimple pattern promotes distance and trajectory.
 Slazender Fusion Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Slazenger Fusion Logo Overruns
The Slazenger Fusion has a combination of distance and feel.  Long off the tee and great feel around the green. 2-piece construction, Titanium enhanced core.

Wilson Jack Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Wilson Jack/Long Logo Overruns
1 dozen at less than $0.70 per ball!
Two-piece construction, surlyn cover, 77 compression (30 points softer than competitive distance balls), 400 dimple design.

Callaway Logo Overrun Golf Balls at
NFL & College Team Logo items at

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