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Golf Shoes - Your shoes have got to be comfortable!

Good quality golf shoes are essential to your golf game. I learned this lesson a couple of seasons ago and will relay a short story about my golf shoes below.

I had always played a particular golf course when the weather was dry and always played in my tennis shoes or running shoes (instead of golf shoes).  Most of the time they were just fine for getting around the course and were very comfortable. 

Then one fine day, a friend and I went out to play the same course, a day or two after a rain storm.  On the 12th tee (a long par 5), I took a BIG swing at the ball and slipped on the wet grass!  I sure felt silly, because I ended up on the ground and the ball only went about 100 yards down the course. If that wasn't bad enough, on the next tee, I slipped again and ended up with a twisted ankle.  Good thing we were using a riding cart or I may not have finished the game. 

So what does this have to do with golf shoes?  I still believe (to this day) that if I had been wearing spiked shoes I would not have slipped on either tee and not twisted my ankle.  So the next week (when my ankle was better) I went out and got some good quality golf shoes.  I haven't slipped on the wet grass since.

One other tip: You might want to visit a local shop to choose the right size for a particular brand of golf shoe, but them order them over the net.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the money you can save!

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