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Discount Golf Drivers - The ball can't tell the difference!

As you may know, the golf driver is the golf club that many of us like to hit the most (at least when you are swinging it well).  Having the golf ball land far down the course and in the middle of the fairway is great.  Nothing feels better than grabbing the "Big Dog" (golf driver) and smashing that golf ball down the golf course! 

Name brand golf drivers include Callaway, Nike, Ping, Cleveland, Taylor Made, Cobra, Titleist, and Wilson.  A name brand golf driver may cost more than a clone or "knock-off" club, but think of how your friends will feel when you pull out that new driver and hit it farther than anyone else in the group!

A clone or "knock-off" golf driver may do the trick too.  How many times have you heard it said "The ball doesn't see the label when you hit it?"  We have even used some old drivers (in the past) that were made of wood (yes, real "woods") and did pretty well.  But they did show quite a bit of wear after a season or two.  We recommend that you get the best technology golf driver you can afford.

We own and use what might be called "discount golf drivers" that seem to work well.  We have also rented "name brand" clubs while playing golf and had pretty good results with them.  Which is best for you?  That is your choice.  Just remember, the ball can't tell the difference.
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