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Golf Carts - Take a load off shoulders, and your game!

OK - I'll admit it, I use a golf cart to drag my bag around the course.  When I decided that I didn't want to carry that bag around and make my back hurt after each game of golf, I ordered a cart from one of the golf shops on the web. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

There are basically three types of golf cart: Pull Carts, Push Carts (3 wheels), and Electric Golf Carts.  Most golf carts fold to a compact size and come in a choice of colors.   

  • Pull Carts  
    The name pretty much says it all.  With a pull cart you strap your bag to the cart a pull it around the course with you. The pull cart will save you the trouble of having to carry your bag on your back and the effort of picking up the bag each time you move around the course.  Most pull carts come with score card holders, golf ball holders (for a couple of spare balls), and tee holders.   
  • Push Carts
    A push cart is a little different because it usually has three wheels.  Instead of pulling the cart around the course, you push it (mostly).  Push carts can also be pulled.  Most push carts come with the same accessories as pull carts (scorecard, golf ball & tee holders). When shopping for push carts, one key item you should look for is a brake!  When your cart is on the side of a hill and you move a few feet away to take your shot, you don't want your cart to go rolling down the hill (or into the water)! The less expensive push carts have a brake on one rear wheel that you have to step on to lock, while the better cart has a brake that operates near the handle. 
  • Electric Golf Carts (sometimes referred to as a Golf Caddy, Motor Caddy, or Electric Golf Buggies)
    To really concentrate on your game or give the ultimate golf gift to someone special, an electric golf cart (golf caddy) is the choice.  This is not the cart that you can ride in, but a cart for your bag! I have seen one of these electric golf carts in action and all I can say is Wow. It runs both up and down hills while you walk along with it.  It even had a variable speed control to match your walking speed.  The advantage of the electric cart is that you can save your energy and give all your attention to your game (that is if you can avoid the questions of everyone else about your "cool toy").
So if you are tired of dragging your golf bag around the course, or if you are looking for a gift for that special golfer in your life, explore the possibilities of a golf cart.
 Golf Carts

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