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Check-Go Golf Ball Spinner Review - One of the best golf gifts we have ever received!

One of the best golf gifts we received during the last holiday season was a neat little "toy" called the "Check-GO" Sweet Spot Finder (from Technasonic).  We call it a "toy" because it is just plain fun!  We just couldn't wait to play with it.  We spent quite a while learning to use it properly and mark two dozen golf balls (also a gift).

The purpose of this little piece of Golf Equipment is to spin your golf balls at a very high speed.  After about 10-20 seconds, the spinning ball will rotate in a stable fashion so that you can mark the ball with a permanent marker (included) around its "equator."  The idea is that heaviest parts of the ball will be lined up along the equator of the spinning ball so that it can be marked with the included pen.  Once this is done, you can place the ball with that mark aligned with the target (the hole on the green).  Now when you hit or putt the golf ball, the ball will tend to spin in the same direction as when it was marked.

The results we have seen are amazing, especially on the greens.  When we place the golf ball with the line pointing at the hole and stroke it properly, the line appears to stay straight as the ball rolls at the hole.  If we hit the ball wrong, the line will appear to wobble around the ball.  This has really seemed to help our putting. 

When hitting balls off the tee, it is harder to tell what effect the alignment has, but over the last few months there have been several times when we walked up to the ball (in the fairway) and found the marking still pointing at the green.  And during that time we have also noticed that we have not been slicing as much as we have in the past.  This may just be a coincidence (or we are hitting better?), we are not sure.

What we do know is that it works!  How do we know?  By just repeating the marking process.  Once we marked a few balls, we just put them back in the spinner and pushed the button.  Within a few seconds the line that we made appeared along the equator of the ball again. 

Since there is no such thing as a "perfectly" balanced golf ball, this device can help you figure out how a particular golf ball will tend to roll and possibly give you the extra confidence to sink that putt and lower your scores.

 Golf Ball Spinner - Check-GO Sweat Spot Finder
Golf Ball Spinner
Check-Go Golf Ball Sweet Spot Findericon
 iconGolf Ball Spinner - Check-Go Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

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