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Golf Bags - Pick the right bag for your playing style!

A good quality golf bag is a requirement for everyone that plays golf!  After all, where else are you going to store those essential items (clubs, balls, refreshments) during the game?  The bag that you pick depends mostly on how you normally play the game. 

  • Do you walk the course and like to carry your golf bag for the "extra exercise" you get? 
    If this is the case, you will probably want a "stand golf bag" to meet your needs.  These bags are usually very light and will "stand up" when you set them down.  When shopping for stand bags, I highly recommend a bag that has double straps (one over each shoulder)!  I have one of these myself and it is very comfortable to carry around the golf course.  When I had a bag with only a single strap, I would sometimes get a sore back after a while.  Stand bags may have limited storage space for those "extra goodies" you want to bring along with you.
  • Do you walk the course but have a pull-cart for your bag?
    A cart bag would most likely be the best choice here.  Cart bags are designed to be placed on a cart, but usually include a strap for carrying the bag from your car to the cart.  Cart bags offer more storage space for your golf clubs and anything else (rain gear, refreshments, etc.) you might need. 
  • Do you ride in a gas or electric golf cart most of the time?
    Your choice here might be a tour golf bag.  The tour bag is large enough to carry your golf clubs, a change of clothes, extra golf balls, or whatever you want to bring along (remember Rodney's bag from the movie Caddy Shack?).  These bags are big! 
So decide what your playing style is and click the links below to find your golf bag.  And remember: There is no rule that says you can only have one bag!  
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